HTeaO is coming to Stephenville. If you like tea, you will love this new drive-thru restaurant.

Mar 24, 2023

British author Jonathan Stroud once said, “Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.”

If that’s true, we’re all in luck because Stephenville residents Chris and Sunny Orr are opening HTeaO, a drive-thru restaurant that specializes in, you guessed it, tea.

“We offer 26 flavors of sweet and unsweet tea,” Chris told Beneath the Surface News. “It’s basically like a Starbucks for tea.”

HTeaO will open at the corner of Harbin Drive and the South Loop in Stephenville this fall. (Construction has already begun.)

“HTeaO offers another much-needed addition to the South Loop,” said Jeff Sandford, president of the Stephenville Economic Development Authority. “What makes this investment special is that it is being made by a franchisee with two decades of experience in the Stephenville market. SEDA is excited about the continued commitment to our area by Chris Orr and his partners.”

The new restaurant will feature a variety of unique flavors like Blueberry, Sweet Georgia Peach, Coconut and the Ryan Palmer (a combination of tea and lemonade) – all fan favorites.

There is also a “secret menu” that includes The Cowboy, Wedding and Cotton Candy.

“We have options that go beyond the menu; customers can mix and match their favorites,” Chris said.

And that’s exactly what Sunny says she likes to do.

“I love to mix the sweet peach with chai tea; it tastes like a peach cobbler!” she said.

HTeaO franchise has more than 70 restaurants across the country.

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