Local Culture
Work Ethic

Contributing to a strong work ethic in Stephenville is the city's rural roots. Many residents in the area have a tradition of hard work and self-sufficiency, often working in agriculture or other labor-intensive industries. This work ethic is passed down through generations and ingrained in the local culture.

Stephenville is home to several universities and colleges, including Tarleton State University and Ranger College, which contribute to a culture of learning and personal growth. Tarleton State confers an average of 2,750 undergraduate degrees each year, and several hundred students finish their certificate programs at Ranger College each year. Many students and graduates are motivated to work hard and succeed in their careers, which translates into a strong work ethic among the city's workforce.

Finally, Stephenville's location in Texas plays a role in its strong work ethic. Texas is known for its pro-business climate and its emphasis on self-reliance and individualism. These values are reflected in the local workforce and contribute to a culture of hard work and determination.

According to the most recent US Census Bureau's American Community Survey data (2023), the workforce in Stephenville is primarily employed in the following industries:

Workforce Make Up

Educational services, Healthcare and Social Assistance


Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services


Retail trade




Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting


Professional, scientific, and technical services




Transportation and warehousing and utilities


Finance, insurance, real estate rental and leasing


Stephenville Economic Development Authority works in conjunction with Texas’ globally respected Workforce Solutions and Skills Enhancement Fund to support existing business workforce needs as effectively and as energetically as we deliver for startups. We don’t wait to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

The fifth fastest-growing two-year community college in the nation, and one of the oldest continuously operating public two-year colleges in Texas, Ranger College is a training partner of uncommon strength with a pro-active approach to industry needs, bringing in $1.5 million in grants from Texas Skills Enhancement Fund. Begun just 20 years ago, the Skills Enhancement Fund has helped propel Texas to the top ranks of global industrial locations. Stephenville Economic Development Authority is here to assist in tapping into the funds to make workforce development happen, which is why our brand of worker performance is the real deal.