Utilities: A state of independence means lower costs, higher levels of service

Thanks to the state’s deregulated energy market that has brought down commercial energy rates to 19% below the national average, and residential energy rates to 7.5% below the national average*, Texans live better and work harder with nothing more than the flick of a switch. Here in Stephenville, the future of industry is bright, and your operation is ready to grow with the reliable and cost-effective services of some of the nation’s largest and most respected energy suppliers.

Oncor: After Texas deregulation separated electricity delivery into distribution/transmission and retail service, Oncor quickly rose to the top, and today the company operates the state’s largest distribution and transmission network, serving more than 3 million homes and businesses. Oncor’s superior resources mean that Stephenville’s electrical infrastructure is superb, while the company’s close cooperation with REPs (retail electrical providers) results in smooth, trouble-free service delivered at the lowest possible cost. “Best in class service” is a promise with Oncor.

United Cooperative Services (USC): The concept of an electrical cooperative dates back to the earliest days of power delivery in rural Texas, and today cooperative systems continue to provide an independent, high quality solution for residents and business. As part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives brand, USC distribution is able to leverage the power of a nationwide alliance of more than 750 cooperatives in 46 states. UCS offers the best of both worlds: Local commitment and tailored solutions, plus national resources and expertise.

TXU Energy: A powerful REP partner for business and industry, TXU provides the experience, expertise and resources for excellent service, and is ready to help customize your operation’s contract and service to best meet your needs. More power, more control for your business.

Atmos Energy: One of the nation’s largest natural-gas-only distributors serving three million customers in eight states, Atmos is particularly well-resourced to handle Stephenville business needs with a supply chain that links the Atmos Pipeline-Texas with Atmos Energy Gas Supply and Planning for immediate supply and maximum collaboration. Atmos means clean, affordable natural gas delivered where and when you need it.

City of Stephenville Water: For quality, service and cost, municipally sourced water continues to provide the best value for the community dollar, and in Stephenville that’s no exception, with an abundant supply available at cost-effective rates.

   City of Stephenville Public Works

*As rated in 2016 by the online monitor Electricity Local (http://www.electricitylocal.com/states/texas/)

SEDA: Façade Improvement Program a Go

Stephenville Economic Development Authority (SEDA) board of directors gave a final seal of approval to the Façade and Infrastructure Improvement Program aimed at upgrading the curb appeal of aging commercial, retail and office structures. Click the article title to read more and download the project application and grant application packet.

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