Why get saddled?  Our brand of speed means multi-modal options

Rail arrived in Stephenville well before the turn of the twentieth century, and with the “Iron Horse” came industrial speed and ease of transport, yielding greater prosperity. Today, global prosperity for Stephenville industry is assured through the global speed of a powerhouse logistical portfolio. Rail is still an important component, but also critical are multi-highway access and air access right here in Stephenville and just 90 minutes away at one of the world’s top airports.

In Stephenville industry is never saddled with just one route. In a central location ringed by Fort Worth/Dallas, Waco and Abilene, Stephenville offers a range of options for rapid strategic connections to domestic and global destinations through:

Highway: Convenience and convergence

Three US Highways (US 281, US 65 and US 377) intersect in Stephenville; just 25 miles away you can also connect to I-20, one of the nation’s top east-west corridors, and just an hour away, I-35 offers north-south access that stretches from Mexico to Canada. Your operation is always on a roll in Stephenville.

Rail: Shortline excellence, long-range reach

Begun less than 30 years ago with a mere 6.25 miles of track, the Fort Worth and Western Railroad (FWWR) has grown into a leading asset for industrial transport, running 278 miles across central Texas and connecting to North America’s two largest Class I freight rail networks, BNSF and Union Pacific, providing blanket coverage of the Western U.S. market. FWWR also connects to Kansas City Southern, nicknamed the “NAFTA Railway” as it extends coverage from the Midwestern markets deep into Mexico, the only Class I railroad to own track both inside and outside Mexico.

Air: Reaching higher, farther

In 2016, Stephenville began a $7 million upgrade of Stephenville Clark Airport for improvements that include a runway extension to 5,000 feet, ready to handle a broad range of general aviation needs—and just one mile from downtown Stephenville. And just 90 minutes away, the global gateway of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is home to the American Airlines hub, the world’s second largest hub, with 900 daily flights to destinations across the U.S. and around the globe. Also within a convenient drive time are Meacham International Airport-Fort Worth and Dallas-Love Field, offering extra choices for corporate air travel and general aviation needs.


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