Stephenville Type B Economic Development Authority

Board of Directors



Term Expires

1.Martin Pete CooperJanuary 2021
2.Malcolm CrossJanuary 2020
3. Justin HaschkeJanuary 2021
4.Fisher RinderknechtJanuary 2020
5.Marion ColeJanuary 2021
6.Chris GiffordJanuary 2021
7.Shelby SlawsonJanuary 2021

Congratulations, Stephenville!

Many folks have asked what led to my return to this great community. They ask, knowing that we had served this region once before, however, like so many others had moved on to other opportunities outside of our area. The answer is simple: we always wanted...

Streets Are Full, Shelves Are Empty

Last week, several thousand of our newest residents moved to town. Many have never lived here, aren’t familiar with the city, will hesitate at stoplights or turn-lane-only areas, and will make our wait at restaurants longer. Let’s be patient and thankful for all of...

SEDA: Façade Improvement Program a Go

Stephenville Economic Development Authority (SEDA) board of directors gave a final seal of approval to the Façade and Infrastructure Improvement Program aimed at upgrading the curb appeal of aging commercial, retail and office structures. Click the article title to read more and download the project application and grant application packet.

Based on Article III Section 1. Terms of office shall be one (1) year with the right of an officer to be re-elected.


President: Shelby Slawson | V-P: Chris Gifford | Secretary: Marion Cole | Treasurer: Fisher Rinderknecht


President: Shelby Slawson | V-P: Gerald Cook | Secretary: Marion Cole | Treasurer: Fisher Rinderknecht


President: Gerald Cook | V-P: Matt Harpole | Secretary: Shelby Slawson | Treasurer: Nate Heller


President: M. Harpole | V-President: G. Cook | Treasurer: N. Heller | Secretary: S. Slawson


President: M. Harpole | V-President: M. Dunkerley | Treasurer: N. Heller | Secretary: S. Slawson