Your SEDA board of directors is taking time each month to visit with current industry leaders. President of the Board, Gerald Cook stated,“ we want to build the local economy by developing relationships with the local companies that provide jobs and have growth potential in the future. “ For February 2018, the SEDA board welcomed Outlaw Conversions to their monthly board meeting.

Outlaw Conversions was started by owner and CEO, John Walker, in 1996. Their primary business is the manufacturing of custom living quarters, as they are proud partners with some of the largest horse trailer manufacturers in the United States and are distributed through dealers nationwide. Walker has kept his manufacturing headquarters in Stephenville, Texas where is currently employs 130 individuals. In 2014 an expansion occurred as he had began fielding requests for custom motor coaches conversion. When the results were greeted every bit as enthusiastically as Outlaw’s trailers, Emerald Luxury Coaches was born.

The SEDA Board of Directors thanks Outlaw Conversions and Emerald Luxury Coaches for choosing Stephenville Texas as your home.