Moving together, moving ahead

The wheels of progress were at last in motion when the railroad arrived in 1889, and the city of Stephenville was born on the move. Already the town had weathered population losses from the Civil War as well as from Comanche raids; others might have already given up under those harsh conditions, but the hardy citizen pioneers of Stephenville were undeterred. Rail brought business, and with new business and incorporation the city began to thrive.  Only a few years later, Tarleton College opened its doors.

Over a century later, that undaunted Cowboy ethos is still strong in Stephenville: We think for ourselves; we wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise. But we also think about our community, and we know how to work together to get things done. The overwhelming enthusiasm and support for the passage of the Type B economic development sales tax shows a community united for progress.

That kind of unity is made possible by a uniquely supported system of city government. The efforts of our mayor and eight-member city council are bolstered by the active involvement of nearly a dozen boards and committees with knowledgeable and community-minded members eager to help Stephenville grow and flourish.  The City of Stephenville also works closely with the four-commissioner Erath County government, and with the nearby city of Dublin.

Independent thinkers who are community-minded and who are ready to make it work for local development: Our government keeps Stephenville and Stephenville industry on the move, as we pioneer new success in the global marketplace.


SEDA: Façade Improvement Program a Go

Stephenville Economic Development Authority (SEDA) board of directors gave a final seal of approval to the Façade and Infrastructure Improvement Program aimed at upgrading the curb appeal of aging commercial, retail and office structures. Click the article title to read more and download the project application and grant application packet.

Hubbard earns Ph.D., appointed to Economic Development District Board

John Hubbard has just been named to the board of the North Central Texas Region Economic Development District.
“I am excited about the opportunity to provide Stephenville a voice as the North Central Texas Region plans for this economic growth.”

John Hubbard Reflects on SEDA’s Impact

With 2016 in the rear view mirror for the organization, we asked Hubbard, who is a frequent contributor to the Empire-Tribune, to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and what he expects for the new year.